Why Yorkies Shake, Tremble and Shiver at Times

This section is going to discuss the issue of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy or dog shaking. Some refer to this as trembling or shivering. It is usually a full body shuddering vibration. It may last for just a few seconds or it may last for quite a while, usually until an owner makes some sort of change that calms the shaking down.Some Yorkies will shake for seemingly no reason, leaving owners confused and worried. Others will begin to shake under certain circumstances, such as being held in the air, leaving owners to wonder if their puppy or dog is truly scared of the movement, or the height… We’ll look into all of the reasons and situations that can cause a Yorkie puppy or dog to shake; in many cases, with some simply easy steps, the shaking can stop. Reason #1 – Trouble Regulatin...

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