Yorkie Crate Training

Owners should remember that crates are to be used for temporary situations. However, it is a good idea to allow your Yorkie to become used to his or her crate, so that when they must be placed inside, they can handle this without stress. You will want your dog to be used to their crate when : Keeping your Yorkie safe when you are not home, for short periods Allowing him or her to have a place to retreat to, if needed. Commonly, dogs who live among other pets often need to have a space of their own. A house with a lot of foot traffic may be an environment in which a dog wishes to have a place to rest, away from the noise Traveling – Your vet may require that dogs are brought into the office in crates and/or you may opt to use a secured crate for the car as opposed to a seat harness. Those w...

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