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Yorkie Mauled, Killed by Unknown Dog in Owner’s Backyard: Police

Yorkie mauled to death

Southington Animal control needs the public’s help searching for a dog that mauled a Yorkie and may be on the loose in town.

Edward and Katherine Hayes said they are heartbroken over the loss of their nearly 2-year-old dog, Simon.

Edward Hayes said he took Simon out in his back yard on Deer Run around noon Monday and a large black dog came into his unfenced yard.

The unknown dog attacked and killed Simon.

“He had him in his mouth and was shaking him (for) a couple minutes maybe? Before he let him go,” Hayes said.

Hayes said he had to separate the animals and the dog who attacked Simon fled.
The dog is described as possibly a Labrador/boxer mix, weighing about 100 lbs., black with tan streaks.

“It’d be very dangerous if this dog is on the loose and no one knows who’s dog it is or where it’s from,” said neighbor Paul Zissis.

Neighbors said they are also concerned the dog may attack one of the many children living in the neighborhood.

The dog has not been identified by animal control.
Call the Southington Dog Pound/Animal Control at 860-628-8053 if you have information.

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  1. I have nearly 60 reports of Yorkies that have been mauled or killed by pit bulls on my Pinterest board (click Website link). Maybe you can use some of those for your site.


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